Champtig 300 SP (CHAMPTIG 300 SP)

Champtig 300 SP (CHAMPTIG 300 SP)

Latest PWM inverter technology, IGBT based, Smooth and stable arc with spatter less welding

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• Latest Inverter based technology.

• IGBT based operating at high frequency.

• Suitable for both DC TIG (Pulse & Normal) and MMA welding operation.

• Available with Synergic mode in TIG for pulse/ normal mode. Also suitable for scratch start in TIG mode.

• Built in HF ignition for easy arc striking.

• User friendly front panel interface with LCD display and Multi-functional encoder.

• Anti-stick function to protect the machine from short circuit condition in MMA mode.

• Option of Remote control unit with digital display, for setting current remotely in MMA and TIG mode

• Option of Foot switch control regulator for setting current in TIG mode

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