CAG 9900

CAG 9900

SMAW gouging electrode

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  • For chamfering, gouging and making grooves in all conductive metals
  • For removing defective welds and rivets without using oxyacetylene and compressed air
  • Removing flashers and risers in foundry castings
  • For bevelling cracks in machine frames without dismantling
  • Cutting of metal parts on building sites

  • Special electrode with high blowing effect
  • Produce hot exothermic penetrating arc
  • Molten metal is blown away quickly
  • Provides good visibility
  • The cut is smooth, molten and blown away material can be removed easily
  • Does not damage the metal structure

The electrode is inclined to the surface at a 35 angle. The arc is pushed deeper and forward to drive the molten metal and slag onwards. For deeper groove, repeat procedure in stages until the required depth is reached.

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