Nimoten-Plus 535 B

Nimoten-Plus 535 B

Hardfacing Electrode for application in Steel Mills and Forging Industries with 39-43HRC hardness in three layers

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  • Welding 0.5 Mo and 1 Cr – 0.5 Mo steels and similar composition steels used in pressure vessels, boilers and pipelines
  • Crack repair in Ni-Cr hot working dies
  • High tensile steel machinery parts
  • Parts of earth moving equipment
  • Suitable for repair of H11, H13 and DB-6 type die block material
  • Steam turbine rotors in service upto 538°C
  • Repair of case hardening steel part after removing the hard zones

  • Medium-heavy coated electrode
  • Low alloy steel weld deposit
  • Tensile strength over 1100 MPa achievable
  • Three layered hardness upto 410 BHN
  • Suitable preheat and PWHT required depending on base material type
  • Radiographic weld deposit
  • All position capability
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