Tenalloy 60D3 (E 8018-D3)

Tenalloy 60D3 (E 8018-D3)

Basic coated high strength welding electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.5 E8018-D3

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  • Welding of Mn-Mo type steels and equivalent grades
  • Penstocks, Pressure vessels
  • Welding low alloy high strength steels in 540 MPa UTS range
  • Earth moving equipments

  • Medium-heavy coated electrode
  • Mn-Mo type low alloy steel welds
  • Exhibit good toughness at subzero temperatures
  • All position capability
  • Weld metal meets X-ray quality, ultrasonic and other code requirements
  • Suitable for fully killed fine grained steels
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