Albond 12 Si

Albond 12 Si

Aluminium Welding Electrode for joining and repair of 4047 coated alloy

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  • Welding and repair of cast Al alloys containing more than 7% Si
  • Engine blocks, Gear box units, Automotive parts
  • Window frames, Tubes, Furniture
  • Al alloys such as G-AlSi 12, G-AlSi 12(Cu), G-AlSi 10Mg, G-AlSi 10Mg (Cu)

  • Aluminium alloy with typical 12% Si
  • Special coating to reduce moisture pickup
  • Electrode dia. should roughly be equivalent to plate thickness
  • Provide high melting rate
  • Slag residues should be thoroughly removed to obtain non corrosive weld
  • Section thickness above 8 mm should be preheated to min. 200ºC
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