Castnickel (E Ni CI)

Castnickel (E Ni CI)

High Nickel Electrode for Repair and Welding of Cast Iron The Cold Way

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  • Repair of broken heavy castings, machine bases, motor blocks, sprockets, valve bodies, impellers, pump casting and gears
  • Joining and build up of grey cast iron and malleable iron
  • Joining cast iron to steel
  • Correcting machining errors on castings
  • Suitable for thin walled grey cast iron
  • Sliding tables for machine tools
  • Building up on cast iron parts exposed to corrosive liquids

  • Graphite based coating
  • High Ni alloyed electrode
  • Minimum base metal dilution and penetration
  • Electrode welds cast iron the cold way
  • Soft, ductile and machinable weld with adequate strength
  • No need of preheating even for large complicated castings
  • Easy and intimated fusion with all grades of cast iron
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