Cromoten 2 STC

Cromoten 2 STC

Basic coated creep resistant welding electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.5 E9018-B3

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•Welding of 2.25Cr-0.5Mo and 2.25Cr-1Mo type creep resistant steels

• Cr-Mo and Cr-Mo-V bearing steels for high temperature applications

• Main steam pipes of boilers in electric power plant, Boiler super heaters

• Joining of P5A materials • Suitable for 12CrMo9-10, 10CrSiMoV7 German steels

• Joining ASTM A 335 Gr.P22, A 387 Gr.22 materials

• Application in refineries, power plants, pressure vessels, boilers

• Non synthetic, basic coated iron powder electrode

• Low alloy steel Cr-Mo deposit

• Resistant to creep and heat upto 600°C

• Ductile and crack resistant and heat treatable weld

• Radiography quality weld metal

Basic Coated Electrode for welding 2.25 Cr-1Mo type creep resistant steel.

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