Ferricast (E Ni Fe-CI)

Ferricast (E Ni Fe-CI)

Ni-Fe coated Electrode for Repair and Welding of Cast Iron

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  • Repair of broken heavy castings
  • Welding and repairing of all cast iron components
  • Pump casting and gears, Cast iron dies, Gear boxes, Gear teeth
  • Transmission housings, Couplings
  • Foundry defects, Machine build up
  • Best suited for welding of Nodular graphite iron, Malleable iron subject to heavy wear
  • Joining cast iron to steel
  • Correcting machining errors on castings

  • Ni-Fe type machinable electrode
  • Dense, soft and ductile weld with adequate strength
  • Porosity free welding
  • Controlled dilution and penetration
  • No need of preheating for large heavy castings
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