Cromoten-V ( E8013-G)

Cromoten-V ( E8013-G)

• Rutile coated electrode
• Typical 1.2Cr-0.5Mo-V type low alloy steel deposit
• Especially suited for pipe welding due to its easy striking characteristics
• Excellent resistance to creep upto 550°C
• All position capability
• Radiographic quality weld deposit

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  • Welding low alloy steel boilers and piping of Cr-Mo type operating at
    service temperatures upto 550°C
  • Application in oil refineries, thermal and chemical plants
  • For welding IS steel 07Cr90Mo55
  • For boiler heads and spares of similar composition
  • Suitable for ASTM SA-213 Gr.T2/T11/ T12,SA335 Gr.P2/P11/P12 and similar steels

  • Basic coated electrode
  • Low carbon Cr-Mo type weld
  • An air-hardening material and require preheat and interpass temperatures of 175°C minimum during welding
  • Excellent creep resistance upto 650°C
  • Resistant to oxidation, heat, corrosion and wear
  • All position capability
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