Betachrome ND Spl

Betachrome ND Spl

18/8/5Mn coated Electrode for joining high tensile Armour steel & hardox steel

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  • Specially designed for joining high tensile Armour steel, Bullet proof steel, Hardox 400, Hardox 500
  • Fabrication of ICVBMP-11/T-72 tanks
  • Joining and laying buffer layers on difficult to weld steel before hard facing
  • Austenitic Mn steel (Hadfield steel) to mild steel joining
  • Repairing cracks in austenitic Mn steel parts e.g. Shovel bucket teeth, Stone crushers, Hammers, Points and Crossings

  • Basic type semi-synthetic electrode
  • Medium-heavy coated
  • 18/8/5Mn type austenitic weld deposit
  • Work hardenable alloy
  • Excellent crack resistance combined with superior toughness properties
  • Minimum spatter losses
  • Easy slag detachability
  • Suitable for all position
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