Nicalloy-Mo-5 (E NiCrMo-5)

Nicalloy-Mo-5 (E NiCrMo-5)

Nickel based basic coated welding electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.11 ENiCrMo-5

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  • High grade welding of high Mo nickel base alloys e.g. Inconel 625/800
  • Hardfacing on machine components and tools subjected to corrosion and heat
  • Suitable for welding/surfacing of tong jaws of the slab handling cranes
  • Joining Cr-Ni steels high in Mo
  • Surfacing steel clad with a Ni-Cr-Mo alloy

  • Basic coated
  • Ni based Cr-Mo-W alloyed deposit
  • Works smoothly with negligible spatter
  • Low dilution with base metal
  • Gives 150% weld metal recovery
  • Reduces carbon diffusion at high temperature
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