Tenalloy-38R Spl (E 7018-G)

Tenalloy-38R Spl (E 7018-G)

Basic coated Welding electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.1 E7018-G

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  • A537 class 1 (modified)
  • Si-Mn steel containing up to 1% Ni
  • 15Mn Ni63 structural steel
  • For heavy joints under restraint and subjected to dynamic loading
  • Low temperature applications
  • Structural steels, Boiler plates & Pipe steels
  • Welding of fine grained structural steels with minimum yield strength of 420 MPA

  • Heavy coated iron powder type
  • Extremely high metallurgical purity
  • C-1.2Mn-1Ni type weld deposit
  • High impact at subzero temperatures
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