Casten (E St)

Casten (E St)

Non Machinable Electrode for General Reclamation and Repair of Cast Iron

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  • Welding of cast iron parts for all types of general reclamation or repair work
  • Repairing foundry defects
  • Guards on machine tools
  • Cast iron furnace equipment
  • Sealing oil-soaked cast iron parts
  • Motor and generator housings
  • Joining cast iron to mild steel
  • Suitable for thin and thick sections

  • Low hydrogen type electrode
  • Ni free non machinable deposit
  • Improved crack resistivity
  • Strong and rigid joint between cast iron parts
  • Excellent colour match to cast iron
  • Preheating is recommended for heavy and complicated sections
  • Ideal as a base layer to seal contaminations
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