Tenalloy-75D2 (E 10018-D2)

Tenalloy-75D2 (E 10018-D2)

Basic coated high strength welding electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.5 E10018-D2

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  • Welding of fully killed fine grained high tensile steels used for fabrication of penstock, earthmoving equipments
  • Heavy structures under restraint
  • Used for materials with minimum tensile strength of 690 MPa

  • Basic type electrode
  • Mn-Ni-Mo type weld deposit
  • High resistance to cracking and cold toughness at temperatures as low as -50 °C
  • Suitable preheat, interpass and PWHT is necessary to achieve desired properties
  • Radiographic weld deposit
  • Positional welding capability
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