Betachrome N

Betachrome N

Stainless Steel Electrode for repair and maintenance Welding of Austenitic Manganese Steels. Ador welding Hardfacing Electrodes For Applications In Steel Mills And Forging Industries, Mostly Used In Mixers & Blades,Crusher,Hammer, Jaws,Conveyor Part, Rolling Mill Guides etc

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• Basic coated synthetic electrode
• C-Cr-Ni-Mn type austenitic weld deposit
• Smooth arc characteristics
• High plasticity weld deposit
• Excellent heat resistance upto 900ºC
• Work hardenable alloy with excellent crack resistance
• Suitable for all position

• For joining austenitic 12% Mn steels to mild steels
• Surfacing Mn steel, Crane wheels
• Welding of unalloyed or low alloyed steels to high alloyed steels or cast steels
• Buffer layer on difficult steels before hardfacing
• Suitable for steels of difficult weldability
• Armour plates, steel castings, crusher cones, crusher hammers

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