Superinox 630

Superinox 630 (E630-16)

  • Rutile type coating
  • Typical 16/5/4Cu type weld deposit
  • Offers combined characteristics of a strong, corrosion resistant, easily machinable weld metal
  • This alloy prevent the formation of ferrite networks in the martensitic microstructure that would inhibit the mechanical properties
  • Depending on application and weld size, may be used in the as welded, welded and precipitation
    hardened, or welded and solution treated and precipitation hardened condition
  • Excellent welding characteristics
  • Suitable for all position
  • Radiographic quality weld
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  • Welding of ASTM A-564, Type 630 and some other precipitation hardenable steels
  • For welding of 17-4PH and 17-7PH steel
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