Bronze (E CuSn-A)

Bronze (E CuSn-A)

Stick Electrode specially for the Welding of copper and bronze conforming AWS class of SFA 5.6 ECuSn-A

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  • Welding of Copper or Bronze to steel
  • Impeller blades, Valve seats
  • Brass, Galvanized iron, Malleable Iron
  • Ship propellers, Bearings, Bushings
  • Cast iron welding where colour match is not necessary
  • Joining dissimilar metals such as mild steel to phosphorus bronze and brass

  • Copper-Tin electrode
  • Due to high heat conductivity of Cu alloys, preheat of 260-370ºC is recommended for heavy sections
  • Typical 93% Cu-6% Sn deposit
  • No preheat is required on thin sections and ferrous base material
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