Hardfacing Electrode for Extreme Wear Resistance. Super-Zedalloy  is a hard facing electrode for Metal to Metal wear, Abrasion and Impact Resistance. This hard facing electrode provides optimum resistance against metal to metal wear, abrasion and impact.

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  • Coke chutes, Screws
  • Cultivator shovels, Plough shares,
  • Mining, Agriculture, Earth moving and Sand blasting equipments
  • Edge runner scrappers
  • Conveyors, Grinding rings
  • Cement clinker crushing rollers
  • In Ceramic industries

  • Basic type coating
  • High Carbon and Cr content in the weld metal
  • Non machinable deposit
  • Exhibit good corrosion resistance
  • High volume fraction of primary carbides offer excellent wear resistance up to 1000?C
  • Apply one or two layer to avoid cracking
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