Nicalloy 1 (E Ni-1)

Nicalloy 1 (E Ni-1)

Pure Nickel coated basic coated electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.11 E Ni-1

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  • Welding of wrought and cast form of commercially pure Ni (99.5%)
  • Welding of Nickel 200 and 201
  • Suitable for ASTM B160/161/162/163
  • For dissimilar welding between Nickel 200/201 and various iron-base and nickel-base alloys
  • Overlay on carbon and low alloy steel
  • Applications in Refineries, Heat exchanger, Pressure vessel, Pumps and valves, Cryogenics, Chemical plants, Caustic handling equipments, Food processing equipments
  • Used for handling corrosive alkalis and halides

  • Basic type coating
  • Low carbon pure Ni deposit
  • Medium penetration weld
  • Extremely strong and ductile weld metal
  • Resistant to cracking and oxidation
  • Low iron level ensure maximum corrosion resistance
  • Positional welding capability
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