Tigfil 617

• Nickel alloy bare solid wire
• Ni-Cr-Co-Mo-Fe type weld
• Resistant to hot cracking
• Optimum strength, creep and oxidation resistance above O O 820 C upto 1150 C in wide variety of corrosive media

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  • Welding of Ni-Cr-Co-Mo type and
    similar grade alloys to themselves and
    to steel
  • Incoloy 800HT, 803 and cast alloys
    such as HK-40, HP and HP-45 modified
  • Welding of Inconel 617 alloy
  • For surfacing steel with Ni-Cr-Co-Mo
    weld metal
  • Suitable for application in ethylene
    production plants, gas turbines etc.
  • Suitable for material 1.4958, 1.4959, 2.4663
  • Aerospace industry for engine components, after burners,, turbine seals, heat treating equipment and high temperature service applications
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