Stationary Projection & Spot Welding Machines & SPM’S.

Stationary Projection & Spot Welding Machines & SPM'S.

  • Electro-valve and gas cylinder are connected directly, thus increasing speed of responding and spot welding and reducing air flow cost.
  • Perfect pressurization speed adjustment -descending speed of the machine head pressurization can be adjusted as per requirement which softens impact and lowers noise when the workpiece is pressurized.
  • High strength steel performance – shoc resistant and firm.
  • High power SCR element is adjusted for the main loop – ensures stability and reliability.
  • Straight type pressing structure and high welding speed.
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  • Stationary Projection & Spot Welders having High Strength Robust Sturdy Pedestal type frame for high speed spot welding operation.
  • SPM’s Designed as per component to achieve high production rates & cycle time. Performance proved PLC, HMI, Servo Motors offered as per ratings.
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