Silent Challenger 501 (SILENT CHALLENGER 501)

Silent Challenger 501 (SILENT CHALLENGER 501)

Recommended for all versatile welding applications at project sites like construction of refineries, power plants, cement plants, constructions sites, Inplant pipeline welding, city gas pipeline, cross country pipeline welding, pipeline welding from the jetty to storage tanks for oil, petroleum, and gas, etc

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• Conforming to latest CPCB norms for noise & exhaust emission level

• Versatile applications, including cross country, Inplant pipe and tube welding

• Big savings in fuel and longer runs before next refueling

• Arc Cutting and Gouging capability. Maximum size of Gouging Electrode is 6 mm

• Specially proven with Cellulosic (6010, 7010G & 8010G types) and other special types of electrodes

• Excellent Pre and Post Sales Services

• Ideal for heavy fabrication & site applications

• Highly reliable even in hostile site conditions

• Super Silent Operations

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