Silent Challenger 401 (SILENT CHALLENGER 401)

Silent Challenger 401 (SILENT CHALLENGER 401)

EDsets SC301 /SC401 /SC501 is specially recommended for Manual (SMAW) welding applications from medium to heavy-duty site fabrication welding, maintenance welding with all types of electrodes and city gas pipeline, and cross country pipeline welding with 6010, 7010G, 8010G electrodes

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• Conforming to latest CPCB norms for noise & exhaust emission level

• Versatile applications, including cross country, inplant pipe and tube welding

• Ideal for heavy fabrication & site applications

• Highly reliable even in hostile site conditions

• Big savings in fuel & longer runs before next refueling

• Specially proven with Cellulosic (6010, 7010G & 8010G types) and other special types of electrodes

• Excellent Pre and Post Sales Services

• Super Silent Operations

• Capable of Arc Cutting with up to 4 mm Arc Cutting Electrode

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