Miginox FC 410NiMo

• Rutile based gas shielded
stainless steel FCW wire
• Typical 11.5Cr-4.5Ni-0.5Mo
stainless steel deposit
• High strength combined with
excellent toughness and cracking
• Preheat and PWHT recommended
• Stable arc, low spatter and easy
slag removal
• Radiographic weld quality
• Martensitic type alloy resistant to
corrosion, erosion, pitting and

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  • Welding of ASTM CA 6NM casting or
    similar materials
  • Welding of extra low carbon castings
    and forgings of similar composition and
    surfacing applications
  • Surfacing of turbine blades, high pressure valves
  • Repair of runners, valve seats, pulp and
    paper plant equipment
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