Miginox 308LSi (ER308LSi)

Miginox 308LSi (ER308LSi)

Stainless steel solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.9 ER308LSi

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  • Welding Cr-Ni steels represented by AISI 301, 302, 304, 304L, 308, 308L
  • Fabrication of boilers, reactors, turbines, pipes, tubes
  • SS piping in refineries, oil and gas industries, chemical plants, food processing industries

  • An extra low carbon 20Cr/10Ni type stainless steel solid wire
  • High Si content improves wetting characteristics
  • Resists intergranular corrosion
  • Controlled ferrite content ensures excellent crack resistance
  • Excellent corrosion and scaling resistance upto 800oC
  • Radiographic quality welds
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