Miginox 2209/Tiginox 2209 (ER2209)

Miginox 2209/Tiginox 2209 (ER2209)

Stainless steel solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.9 ER2209

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  • Welding of 2205, 2209 type duplex stainless steels and similar grades
  • Pipelines transporting chloride bearing products and sour gases
  • Cladding on carbon and low alloy steels
  • Cast pumps, Valve bodies and sea water handling equipment
  • For chemical equipments, heat exchangers, off-shore platforms

  • An extra low carbon 22Cr/9Ni/3Mo/N type duplex stainless steel wire
  • Austenitic-ferritic type weld deposit
  • Can be applied for operating temperature upto 200OC
  • Excellent combination of high strength and resistance to chloride induced SCC and pitting
  • Radiographic quality welds
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