Masstro 800 T(F) / 1000 T(F) / 1200 T(F)

Masstro 800 T(F) / 1000 T(F) / 1200 T(F)

1200 AMP Thyristorised base SAW Welding power source with welder friendly tractor trolley.

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  • These welding equipments/outfits are recommended for SAW welding of heavy duty longitudinal structuares like girder, I-beams, plus beam welding applications, where high deposition rates and welding productivity are desired
  • Ideal choice for butt weld, fillet weld, double V joint welding of plates as required in ship building industry, railway, construction of bridges, components of earth moving equipments etc
  • Most suitable for thick plate welding applications where X ray quality welding with excellent mechanical properties and good finish of weld beads are essential good finish of welded joints/jobs is very important SAW.

  • Rugged and strong power source, tractor or boom mounted welding head, wire feed mechanism, spool holder, horizontal & vertical slides and feather touch control panel
  • Highly reliable THYRISTOR based power source and THYRISTOR controlled wire feeder, carriage drive and X / Y / Z axismotion controls in case of boommounted head,makes these outfits a real work horse SAWwelding outfits for heavy fabrication workshops and project site
  • Trouble-free operation – Negligible maintenance required for power source and welding head
  • Option of Tractor mounted or Boom mounted heads are available depending on different application requirements
  • Precise setting of weld parameter – Stepless infinitely variable Voltage adjustments through potentiometer stepless control of wirefeed speed as well as tractor speed
  • Swivelling and Tilting arrangement of weld head ensures access to difficult welding areas, specially for fillet welding and jobs with wide range of dimensions/sizes
  • Strong horizontal and vertical slides – smooth and jerkfree movements enables precise adjustment of welding head along the seam even during welding
  • Flux hopper of adequate capacity (10kgs/7litr) ensures long and interrupted weld seams
  • Operator friendly controls – Wire inch push button, OCV check push button, set/weld switch, carriage ON / OFF, UP / DOWN switch, Voltmeter/Ammeter, carriage speed adjustments provided on the control panel. Facilty to check carriage speed and OCV prior to start of welding sequence
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