King Torch- NM

King Torch- NM

King Torch NM is a gas cutting torch which uses Nozzles Mix technology for enhanced safety. Its all-metal design makes KING Torch NM is a rugged torch that can withstand rough shop floor work conditions.

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  • Maximum cutting thickness: 300 mm
  • Length of torch: 470 mm
  • Weight of torch: 1.3 kg
  • Manufactured as per IS: 7653 – 1975 and Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards. Marked with ISI and certification license number CM/L 7226061

  • King Cutting Torch has several advantages owing to its nozzle mix system. King Cutting Torch is available with ANM nozzle for use with Acetylene as fuel gas and PNM nozzle for use with LPG as fuel gas.
  • NOZZLE–MIX CUTTING IS SAFEST: King Cutting Torches unique “positivesuction” NM nozzles are designed according to the fuel gas being used, to safeguard the torch and operator from “sustained backfire” or “flashback”. This is especially advantageous when different fuel gases are used on the same shopfloor. WIDER RANGE OF OPERATION: King Cutting Torches can be employed for a wide range of cutting jobs. All you need is to change the nozzle to suit the job.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: The all metal design makes KING NM a rugged torch that can withstand rough handling by shopfloor workers.
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