King Protect R- Flashback Arrestor For Regulator

King Protect R- Flashback Arrestor For Regulator

King Protect – R is a regulator-mounted flashback arrester which prevents backfire at regulator end. Spring loaded non-return valve, a large surface area flame arrester and a temperature sensitive cut-off valve ensure total safety.

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  • Flashback Arrestors are used to protect gas cylinders and pipeline outlet points (hoses and any equipment) against dangerous reverse gas flow and flashbacks.
  • For pipeline outlets and single cylinders.
  • The maximum ambient / working temperature is 70°C / 158°F

  • A large surface area flame arrestor of stainless steel construction extinguishes any dangerous flashback entering the device in any direction.
  • A temperature sensitive cut-off valve extinguishes sustained flashbacks long before the internal temperature of the arrestors reaches a dangerous level.
  • A spring loaded non-return valve prevents slow or sudden reverse gas flow forming explosive mixtures in the gas supply.
  • A filter at the gas inlet protects the arrestor against dirt contamination, extending the service life.
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