Electrode And Flux Drying Ovens

Electrode And Flux Drying Ovens

Used for welding electrodes and flux arc submerged welding fluxes

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  • Reliable Ovens which works hour after hour, day after day the same consistency.
  • Temperature Control : Provided with thermostat control for precise setting of drying temperature required for various types of electrodes.
  • Flawless Welds : Totally dry welding consumables yield radiographic quality welds

• Heavy duty drying ovens for welding electrode & submerged arc welding fluxes

• Robust constructions

• ADOR HANDY model portable Electrode drying oven for quick shifting from one place to the other

• User friendly

• Uniform heating of charged materials

• Heavy duty thermostats for accurate temperature controls throughout range

• Heavy duty metallic body

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