Champ Pulse 500

CHAMP PULSE 500 outfit is an inverter-based system with an advanced IGBT protection mechanism. The equipment supports different welding process modes: SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, PULSE MIG with single and double pulse mode along with preprogrammed synergic data. The front panel comes with G-LCD and a digital encoder which makes it user-friendly.

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  • Inverter based indigenous advanced digitally controlled SMAW,GTAW,GMAW and SINGLE/TWIN PULSE MIG welding outfit.
  • Synergic mode of operation for single point control that allows Automatic parameter selection (Synergic) in MMA, TIG, MIG and Pulse MIG mode.
  • Single point Synergic control in GMAW
  • Advanced digital control algorithms enable superior arc characteristics.
  • Digital control of inverter for spatter less MIG welding application.
  • Excellent arc force and hot start control in MMA mode for low current application.
  • Digital pulse feedback from feeding motor for accurate control of wire speed.
  • Graphical-LCD for displaying machine’s settings along with dual 7 segments LED display for actual current and voltage display
  • 10. Wire Feeder with digital console for remote parameter setting.
  • Twin pulse mode in Pulse Mig for low heat input.
  • Facility to store 100 welding programs (weldparameter)for easy save and recall operation
  • Addition of synergic program externally for a particular wire using USB facility.
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