BRACC 7700

Bracc 7700

Bracc 7700 can be used directly on the job. No external flux is required and has a very fast and economical operation.

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  • Surfacing of steel, grey cast iron, bronze
  • Especially suitable for wear resistant surfacing
  • Gear teeth, Bevel gear tracks, Shafts, Cams, Slide bars
  • Bearings, Metal seals, Valve seats, Pistons

  • Flux coated rod
  • Can be used directly on the job
  • No external flux required
  • Very fast and economical operation
  • Tough and easily machinable alloy
  • Deposit is free from porosity with resistance to corrosion and wear
  • Flexible and thin flux coating does not peel off even after bending
  • Flux coating has extended life span
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