Automig NiCu-7 / Tigfil NiCu-7 (ERNiCu-7)

Automig NiCu-7 / Tigfil NiCu-7 (ERNiCu-7)

Nickel base NiCu solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.14 ERNiCu-7

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  • Welding Monel and NiCu alloys to itself, to mild and low alloyed steels
  • Overlaying on steel to obtain a corrosion resistant surface
  • Welding of ASTM B127/163/164/165
  • Heat exchanger, Piping, Vessels, Salt purification
  • Food, Pumps and Valves manufacturing units

  • Monel solid wire
  • Typical 65Ni/30Cu/3Mn/2Ti alloy
  • Easily machinable deposit in as welded and stress relieved condition
  • Low iron in the deposit exhibit maximum corrosion resistance
  • Radiographic weld quality
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