Automig FC 580

Automig FC 580

Basic type flux cored wire for 550 BHN Hardness

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Recommended for hard facing coating on machine parts subjected to high frictional wear, for repair on damaged cold cutting tools, protective lining with surfacing on austenitic manganese steels. It is used on screw conveyers, concrete mixer blades, crusher jaws and cones, pug mill screws, coal chutes dipper teeth, bucket teeth, crusher plates, brick machinery, pellet plant and tamping tools.

Low alloy basic type flux cored wire for hard facing applications on carbon steel and manganese components. Weld deposit is non-machinable has high hardness which along with good resistance to spalling and cracking, can take impact load of medium severity. It is designed to give excellent high stress abrasion under strong impact condition if is back up by a tough underneath.

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