Automig FC 110T5-K4 (E110T5-K4C H4)

Automig FC 110T5-K4 (E110T5-K4C H4)

Basic flux cored wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.29 E110T5-K4C-H4

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To weld high strength, low alloy steels such as Weldox 700, T-1, HY-80, HY-90, HY-100, ASTM A514 and similar grades. General fabrication of high strength steels, Crane booms, Trailer frames, Pen stock, Earthmoving equipments.

AUTOMIG FC 110T5-K4 is a basic electrode designed for single and multi pass welding of high strength fine grained steels. The wire operates with a stable arc to produce good weld bead appearance, easy slag removal and excellent fracture toughness at temperatures down to –50oC. Weld deposits are tough, resistant to cracking in highly restrained joints & heavy sections. Primarily intended for as welded applications.

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