Automig 80S-G(ER80S-G)

Automig 80S-G (ER80S-G)

Copper coated solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.28 ER80S-G

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Suitable for a wide range of base metals such as problem steels containing high sulfur to the basic carbon and low alloy Cr-Mo base metals, Mn-0.5 Mo steels. For pipelines and pressure vessels with operating temperatures of about 500°C. It will also find applications for the repair of medium strength steel castings.

TIGFIL 80S-G is a copper coated low alloy filler wire. It provide good wetting, good rust and scale tolerance. It is characterized by smooth arc and gives shiny welds of radiographic quality even over poor cleaned base metals. The weld deposit is resistant to cold cracking. A pre-heat and interpass temperature of not less than 150°C is required during welding. Recommended with 100% CO2 shielding gas.

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