Tigfil 80S-D2 (ER80S-D2)

Tigfil 80S-D2 (ER80S-D2)

Copper coated solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.28 ER80S-D2

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For welding of Mn-0.5 Mo steels. Suitable for single and multiple pass welding of variety of ordinary and difficult to weld carbon and low alloy, higher strength steels in both the as welded and PWHT conditions.

A copper coated GMAW wire/GTAW filler rod having 0.5 Mo for increased strength and high levels of Mn and Si to provide good wetting, good rust and scale tolerance. Excellent welder appeal with good arc stability, low spatter, yielding a flat bead with excellent subzero toughness and high tensile strength properties. Weld deposit are of X-ray quality and free of porosity.

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