Tigfil 80S-B8 (ER80S-B8)

Tigfil 80S-B8 (ER80S-B8)

Copper coated solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.28 ER80S-B8

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For welding of 9Cr-1Mo creep resisting steels used at service temperature up to 600 ?C mainly in Power plants, Heat exchangers, Tubes, Steam boilers. Suitable for base metals – A187 Gr. F9, A336 Gr. F9, A335 Gr. P9, A199 / A200 / A213 Gr. T9, A217 C12 etc.

A copper coated GTAW filler rod with 9Cr-1Mo composition. Excellent welding characteristics which provide radiographic quality weld. Weld deposit is resistant to temperature and creep up to 600°C. Highly resistant to hot gas and overheated steam.

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