Automig 80S-B6 / Tigfil 80S-B6 (ER80S-B6)

Automig 80S-B6 / Tigfil 80S-B6 (ER80S-B6)

Copper coated solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.28 ER80S-B6

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Used for joining 5Cr and 0.5Mo steels such as A336 Gr. F5, A155 Gr. 5 Cr, A335 Grs. P5 and P5b, A217 C5 (cast) and A199/A213 Gr. T5 and T5b. These grades are used for elevated temperature creep service and with corrosion resistance against steam, hot hydrogen gas and high sulfur crude oils. Used primarily in the Power plants, Fertilizer plants, Petro-chemical and Refinery industries.

A GTAW filler rod deposits notch free weld deposit having 5Cr-0.5Mo composition. This wire has excellent welding characteristics with low spatter, smooth arc force and sound weld of x-ray quality. Alloy has excellent mechanical properties for elevated temperature creep service.

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