Tigfil 80S-B6 (ER80S-B6)

Tigfil 80S-B6 (ER80S-B6)

• Copper coated low alloy
steel solid filler wire & rod
• Uniform copper coating
• Recommended pre-heat and
interpass temperature 350-
• Typical 5 Cr-0.5 Mo weld
• Air hardenable alloy resistant
to creep at elevated
temperature up to 650°C
• Radiographic quality weld

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  • Welding of 5 Cr-0.5 Mo creep resistant
    steels and equivalent grades
  • Application in power generation, ammonia synthesis plants and petrochemical
  • Joining P5/T5 materials of similar
  • Joining P5B materials e.g. SA 336/336M
    Gr.F5, SA 387/387M Gr.5

A GTAW filler rod deposits notch free weld deposit having 5Cr-0.5Mo composition. This wire has excellent welding characteristics with low spatter, smooth arc force and sound weld of x-ray quality. Alloy has excellent mechanical properties for elevated temperature creep service.

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