Automig 70S-A1(ER 70S-A1)

Automig 70S-A1/Tigfil70S-A1 (ER 70S-6)

• Copper coated low alloy
GMAW wire & rod
• Typical 0.5Mo content
• Smooth feeding and stable
arc under optimum welding
• Increase strength at elevated
• Weld deposit highly resistant
to cold cracking
• Shiny welds of radiographic

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  • Welding creep resistant 0.5% Mo steels
    and fine grained steels with service
    temperatures up to 500°C
  • High temperature and high pressure
  • Suitable for 15Mo3, 16Mo3, 14Mo6
  • Welding low alloy steels such as type ASTM A335 grade P1 and similar materials</li?
  • Pipe line and crane construction as well as in structural steel engineering

• Root pass pipe welding
• Thin sheet metal, Auto body
• Farm implements, Steel casings
• Collision repair, Pressure vessels
• Application in high pressure piping for shipbuilding, petro chemical and nuclear power plant

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