Automig 70S-6 N

Automig 70S-6 N (ER70S-6)

Copper Free C-Mn Steel GMAW Filler Wire

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  • Copper free C-Mn steel solid wire
  • Smooth and stable arc
  •  Lowest spatter, Smooth feedability
  • Best anti-rust properties
  • Low smoke levels
  • Radiographic quality weld
  • Suitable for applications where dirt, rust or mill-scale is present
  • Operates at high current density
  • Best suited for high speed welding

  • Construction and mining equipment
  • Structural steel components
  • Frame fabrication, Tanks
  • General fabrication
  • Auto body
  • Farm implements, Steel casings
  • High-speed robotic, automatic and semiautomatic welding applications
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