Automelt A57

Automelt A57

Aluminate -Rutile type Agglomerated flux.

Flux cored wire for submerged arc hardfacing of parts subjected to metal-to-metal friction wear (adhesion) and medium degree impacts. Automelt flux is used together with this wire for hardfacing applications

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  • General Structural Welding
  • Fabrication of Cylinders and vessels
  • Long Seam and Cir Seam Welding of Pipes

  • Agglomerated Flux
  • Aluminate- Rutile Type Flux
  • Acidic Flux having Basicity Index of 0.5
  • Active Flux with moderate Si and Mn pick-up
  • For Single and Multi-pass Butt and fillet welding (With EM12K Wire restrict to 15mm thickness for multi-pass)
  • For Carbon Steels
  • Suitable for Single Wire System & thin wire SAW
  • Suitable for Welding Speeds of 0.20 – 0.75 m/min
  • Grain Size – 0.25-1.60 mm
  • Type of Current – DCEP 800A
  • Wall Neutrality Number with EL8 Wire is 60
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