Hardfacing Electrode for High Wear and Impact Application. Zedalloy-400B is a hard-facing electrode for Elevated Temperature Abrasion – Corrosion Resistance. This hard facing electrode provides resistance to severe abrasion and corrosion at elevated temperature.

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  • Rebuilding rail crossing and switch points, Wheel flanges
  • Wear parts of Dredgers
  • Striking tools, Dies, Tyres
  • Slide surfaces subjected to heavy wear
  • Polygon edges, Bearing surfaces
  • Lower dies & punches

  • Basic type heavy coating
  • Possible to deposit heavy build up without the need of buffer layers
  • Machining only with sintered hard metal tipped tools
  • Highly wear resistant overlays can withstand impact & shock
  • Recommended buffer layer of Betachrome-N/ND on crack sensitive steels
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