X-BOND (E 7018)

X-BOND (E 7018)

Basic coated Welding electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.1 E7018

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  • Perfectly suitable for structural welding applications.
  • Welding of storage tanks, pipes, pressure vessels, boilers, soc.
  • Suitable for joining steels conforming to ASTM specifications: C, D,E,grades of SA-414/SA-414M (P-No.l), GrSS, Gr60 steels of SA-516/516M (P.No.l)

  • A basic coated, low hydrogen,iron powder type electrode with excellent deposition efficiency up to 110-115% approx.
  • This welder friendly electrode has excellent arc stability and smoothness with very good deslagging property.
  • All positional electrode X-ray quality welds with extraordinary operating characteristics. Can be used for pipe welding in 5G &. 6G positions
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