Tigfil 70S2(Special) (ER 70S-2)

Tigfil 70S2(Special) (ER 70S-2)

Copper coated solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.18 ER70S-2

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Welding of NACE pipe-Type A 106 Gr.B or equivalent grades, Pressure vessels and Boilers involving unalloyed and micro-alloyed structural steels with specified tensile strength up to 520 MPa to meet subzero impact down to -46oC.

Triple deoxidized copper coated mild steel GTAW filler wire with very low impurities. S & P in the wire as well as weld metal do not exceed 0.01%. Weld deposit is tough, ductile and of radiographic quality. It passes HIC and SSCC test as per GS-8 Annexure- I NACE specification.

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