Tenalloy-16 Spl (E 7016-1 H8R)

Tenalloy-16 Spl (E 7016-1 H8R)

Basic coated Welding electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.1 E7016-1

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  • One side welding of pipes
  • Horton spheres, Penstocks
  • Carbon steel and low alloy steel pressure vessels fabrications and where severe service conditions exist
  • For NACE quality carbon steel pipes
  • Off-shore process platform structures
  • Medium, high tensile structural steels
  • Heavy sections and restrained joints in high tensile structural steels

  • Medium coated basic electrode
  • Moisture resistant coating
  • Weld metal resistant to cold and hot cracking and tri-axial stressing
  • Positional welding characteristics with medium coating ideal for full penetration root run in pipe welding
  • DCEN preferred for root run welding of pipes
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