Cromoten 9M Spl (E 9016-B9)

Cromoten 9M Spl (E 9016-B9)

Basic coated creep resistant welding electrode conforming AWS class of SFA 5.5 E9016-B91

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  • Welding of high temperature 9% Chromium P91, T91 and F91 steels to provide improved long term creep properties
  • Fabrication of turbine and boilers e.g. turbine casings
  • Welding of X10CrMoVNb9-1
  • Application in Power plants,Petrochemical plants, Oil refineries, Coal liquefaction and Gasification plants

  • Basic coated electrode
  • 9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb type weld deposit
  • Excellent strength and creep resistance at high temperature under long term stresses
  • Resist strain, corrosion and oxidation
  • Exhibit excellent low temperature fracture toughness
  • Preheat and interpass temperatures between 200-300°C
  • Positional welding capability
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