CAG E 612

CAG E 612

Copper coated carbon graphite Electrode for air arc Gouging

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•For cutting, gouging or beveling all metals

• In foundries, for pad washing, cleaning fins and risers, removal of cracks, sand pockets

• For back gouging, beveling and removing defects in welds and castings

• For pre-weld preparation of broken parts, removing hard surfacing before rebuilding and cutting unwanted parts

• Formulated from carbon and graphite to combine the erosion resistance

• High electrical conductivity • Lower oxidation speed of graphite

• Better arc stability • Can be operated at high amperages

• Reduced radiation increases operator comfort

Fix the electrode CAG E612 in to the special torch with DC+ and set the appropriate current. Point the electrode to the part to be removed and strike it by touching the base metal. Base metal melts and gets blown away by compressed air.

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