Betanox 312 plus

Betanox 312 plus

A versatile super high strength silica type stainless steel Electrode for dissimilar joining and repair Welding

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• Welding difficult to weld steels ex. high C hardenable tool, die and spring steels, 13% Mn steels, free cutting steels

• Dissimilar joints between stainless and high carbon steels and unknown steels

• Repair of worn out parts and underlay before hardfacing

• Suitable for problematic steels with higher strength such as pressing dies, trimming tools, armor plates

• High temperature steels, cast steels

• Acid-Rutile based coating

• 30/10 type SS deposit

• Quiet and stable arc

• Low spatter, Smooth weld bead

• Easy slag detachability

• High ferrite two phase structure

• High strength weld

•Excellent resistance to cracking, fissuring

• Application should be limited to service temperature below 420°C

• Radiographic quality weld

A super high strength stainless Steel Electrode

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