Automig 70S-6 (ER70S-6)

Automig 70S-6 (ER70S-6)

Copper coated solid wire conforming AWS class of SFA 5.18 ER70S-6

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Construction and mining equipment, Thin sheet metal, Auto body, Collision repair, Pressure vessels, Tanks, LPG Cylinders, Structural steel components, Root pass pipe welding, shaft build up, Farm implements, Steel casings, Frame fabrication, Railcar construction and repair, general fabrication. Widely used in high-speed robotic and automatic welding and semi-automatic applications.

AUTOMIG 70S-6 is a mild steel solid wire to provide high quality welds on carbon steels. Uniform copper coating, smooth feeding, stable arc and minimum spatter under optimum welding conditions. It is designed for use with various gas mixtures such as 100% CO°, Ar/CO°or 98/2-Ar/O°. The higher level of de-oxidizers makes it suitable for applications where dirt, rust or mill-scale is present.

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